All About Us

About Us

We’re Fun, Creative And Pretty Damn Cool. Bringing Designs To The Next Level. 

Being Different Is Awesome 

Being Colourful Is Alright.


Being Outspoken Yeah Go For It.

Show What You Feel 

We Want You To Stand Out And Embrace Your Personality….Show The World Your Creativity, Your Spark Your Imagination.

Not your average store, 

This is how we live life, everyday! Do You?

The most important of all, is live your best life.

Just be yourself always. Don't alter your personality to fit society.

We’re also a family run business and love everything creative. 

at black kohco you'll find originality 

You'll be well looked after

We take our customer service seriously. 

We're all love

We donate some of our profits we receive to charity 

be happy 

be kind 

be free 

be positive 

And be you